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First Aid Kit
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Product: First Aid Kit

1.Adhesive tape 1pc

2.Adhesive Bandage 4pcs

3 .Fingertip plaster 60 x 46mm 2pcs

4 .Finger plaster 12cm x 2cm 2pcs

5 .Plaster strips 1.9cm x 7.2cm 2pcs

6 .Plaster strips 2.5cm x 7.2cm 4pcs

7 .First aid dressings 1pc

8 .First aid dressings 2pcs

9 .First aid dressings 1pc

10.Compress 1pc

11.Compress 1pc

12.Elastic bandage 6 2pcs

13.Elastic bandage 8 3pcs

14.Rescue blanket, silver/gold 1pc

15.Wound compresses 10cm x 10cm 3pcs

16.Triangular bandage 2pcs

17.Scissors 1pc

18.Disposable gloves EN 455, size L, 4 pieces 1bag

19.Cleansing wipes for cleaning intact skin 2pcs

20.First aid instruction booklet 1pc

21.List of Contents 1pc

22.Nylon bag 24x13x6.5cm 1pc

Contents listed above can be changed or adjusted accordingly.

The color of nylon bag can be adjusted as required.

Other type of kit available: EVA/PU bag, plastic case etc.

OEM service also available.